How to Download Your Health Record in FollowMyHealth (AllScripts) - Online

  1. Click the My Health tab.

  2. Click the Summary tab.

  3. Click Send > Export. Export Clinical Document is displayed.

  4. Select Download to this computer or an external storage device and click Continue. Download Clinical Document is displayed. You can select a document from the right pane, or filter your documents under Filter by Date.  Please download all documents

  5. Find documents for a specific hospital visit by selecting Specific Date or Date Range and using the calendar tool. Please identify the broadest Data Range possible, including your most recent dates of service.

  6. Click Select All to select all documents that are listed in the right pane,. The files are packaged in a .zip file.

  7. Click Download and select Download as a Document (HTML). Remember where you saved the file!

  8. At this point, you’re ready to securely upload the zipped file via the Upload Tool.  Again, remember where you saved the file, as that’s where you’ll navigate to when you select the file for upload.


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