How to Download your Health Record in MyChart

This outlines how to download an overview of your health record from your healthcare provider via the MyChart patient portal.  Please note that the information downloaded is the same information that is available to you in other areas of MyChart, and my not include some aspects of your record.  Please consult with your healthcare provider for more information on what may not be included


To begin, log in to your MyChart patient portal.




After logging in, click on the Menu icon at the top left of the screen.





Scroll down the Menu until you reach the Sharing section; click on “Sharing Hub”.



At the bottom right of the Sharing Hub, click on “Download health and visit summary”.



In tabs directly above the white section of the page, you’ll have the option on the next screen to download various records; you can download records from a single visit, visits within a specific date range, all visits, or what’s called a “Lucy Summary”.  The information contained in the Lucy Summary is also contained in the All Visits summary, so please download the All Visits summary.




The next screen will offer you two options for downloading your Summary Package, with or without password protection.  The option you select will be highlighted in white.  Select “Summary Package” and click “Request”.





On the next page, you’ll be able to download your All Visit records to your computer by clicking the “Download” button.  Make a note of the file name within the white box – that’s going to be the name of the file saved to your computer. In this example, the file name is




You’ll be asked to confirm the download.  Click “Download”.





Navigate to the file named “HealthSummary_...” (it should be in your Downloads folder). 

  • If the file is already “zipped”, do nothing (you'll know it's zipped if it has a little zipper on the folder icon). 
  • If it is not zipped, right click on the file name and select “Compress” or “Compress to Zip file” from the drop-down menu.




A zip file will automatically be created immediately below the original file.  This is the file you’ll want to upload, so be sure you make a note of the location on your computer.



At this point, you’re ready to securely upload the zipped file via the Upload Tool.  Again, remember where you saved the file, as that’s where you’ll navigate to when you select the file for upload.


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