My Provider Isn’t Listed as a Connection. How Can I Connect My Health Data?

If you don't see your provider listed as a connection, there are a few things you can do:

  • Check their patient portal -- does it have a similar/different name listed? For example, "Michigan Medicine" is the health system for University of Michigan
  • Check to see if your location is part of a larger health system -- the larger system may have a connection, and you can try connecting your records through their portal.

If your provider still isn't showing up, please contact and let us know. Typically, private practice providers and clinics that don't use portals or use smaller EHR companies won't have an established connection. However, we are happy to see if we can establish a connection. Please be aware that this evaluation can take some time, and there's a waiting list that we're working through.

If you'd like to share your data immediately, you can share files using our upload tool.

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